Made up of nine volcanic islands situated in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, the Archipelago of the Azores emerge majestically from the Atlantic and are characterised by lush, green volcanic cliffs and picturesque Mediterranean style buildings.

Discover the breathtaking islands of the Azores Archipelago, where eagles soar high above and whales silently patrol the immense Atlantic Ocean. This is nature at its most unspoilt and magnificent.

Relax among the traditional fishing villages and coastal communities where life has gone on untroubled by the outside world for generations. Sail along this beautiful coastline through magical cliffs past enchanted islands and superb dormant (and active) volcanoes. Appreciate the rich local gastronomy and the lush vegetation, climb snow-capped peaks, go whale-watching or deep sea-fishing, swim in shimmering turquoise lagoons and walk beneath waterfalls.

Absolutely Portugal will take you this close to nature for you to enjoy a unique holiday to remember forever.