Botany and horticulture in Portugal shows a significant Islamic influence with colourful accents by flowering plants and surrounding architecture, although the variety of trees and exotic plants from the former colonies of the Portuguese empire are also predominant in most of styles of gardens.

If you are passionate about gardens and want to get up close and personal with some breathtaking flora while helping to preserve these inspiring landscapes, be overwhelmed by so many truly enchanting gardens waiting for your visit in Portugal. Here’s a glimpse of the natural beauty of many distinctive gardens that await you – the mystical royal gardens and romantic parks of Sintra, Pena, Monserrate, Regaleira, Seteais and Queluz (around Lisbon), the unique exotic tropical garden in Belém (Lisbon), the lush estate gardens of Buçaco, Solar de Mateus and Quinta Berardo, and the impressive botanical gardens in the islands of Madeira and Azores. Ponte de Lima also hosts the prestigious annual International Garden Festival where visitors are invited to marvel at the combination of beauty, creativity, innovation and art in gardens.

Either taking on your own the full flavour of these magical places or with the guidance of garden owners and art historians, Absolutely Portugal will ensure that you enjoy the outdoor life and fall in love with the history and knowledge of both traditional and modern Portuguese botanic heritage.