Capital of the north, the noble city of Porto (known also as Oporto) was the residence of the royal family during the 15th century and home of its famous Port wine. Located on the estuary of the Douro River, the charismatic city boasts lively locals and great character and offers to visitors unique art treasures (such as the tiled hallway of the old train station depicting scenes from Portuguese history), imposing medieval cathedrals, cutting-edge museums, a fine library, concert halls of a rare beauty and elegance like the Coliseu do Porto and other attractions. Stroll around the narrow, winding streets stumbling across fabulous boutiques and amazing restaurants and end your journey at Oporto’s riverfront, arguably the most attractive part of the city.

Down by the river, facing ancient streets of the Barredo section, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are some of the world famous Port Wine establishments, in whose vaults visitors can get acquainted with the old and new methods of wine making and enjoy a tasting. A cruise along the spectacular Douro River is also an absolute must.