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This was a perfect holiday - the preparation from Absolutely Portugal was detailed and responded to our every whim. It was our first vacation outside Lisbon and we travelled from south to north (well, as far as Porto) - two restful villas, two luxurious hotels. We love markets and those we visited were unpretentious and friendly - in fact the word that always comes back in "friendliness" - one really feels like a guest rather than a tourist. We will be back!

Cliff Jones, England

Simple, beautiful, breathtaking. All words to describe the stunning accommodation found for us by Absolutely Portugal in amazing Óbidos! In the walls of this ancient city, the hotel was one of a kind and along with ample local knowledge and expert advice, my family and I were able to get a taste of Portugal far more original and engaging that your average package holiday on the Algarve. Whether the fabulous home cooked sardines, the local markets or the wide open beaches of the Atlantic Coast, Absolutely Portugal took us to places far off the beaten track and yet only a few hours drive from downtown Lisbon. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Absolutely Portugal to you, whether private holiday maker, commercial organisation or inquisitive enquirer. If Absolutely Portugal don't know the answer nobody will.

Andrew Johnston, England

At 13 I had an exciting time in the Azores, swimming with wild dolphins in the sea, watching a sperm whale from a zodiac, spotting a seahorse, cooking a meal on fumeroles - WOW! Mum tells me it was thanks to Absolutely Portugal.

Becca, England

Very good value for money. I was treating a friend to a weekend away in Lisbon and Absolutely Portugal sorted a trip to Sintra – my friend thought it was the most magical place and so near Lisbon! Pastéis de Belém were also a hit especially as we stopped at the tram museum on the way back at the recommendation of Absolutely Portugal.

David C., England

Thanks to Absolutely Portugal our wedding anniversary in Madeira was amazing! When we arrived at our design hotel we discovered a true 007 extravaganza! Pressing a button at the bottom of a cliff wall opened a lift that ascended inside a rock and we emerged to a walk bridge into a spectacular hotel and fabulous view. Exploring lava tunnels followed...

Louise A., England

The itinerary suggested by Absolutely Portugal was great and really challenging, as we only had a few hours before the kick-off of our busy international conference in Lisbon. Visiting the castle, the charming narrow streets, the monastery and the main square by the riverside in a limited time of 3 hours was just perfect! We definitely recommend your services.

Peter V. L., Belgium

Really thanks for your great tips, I had a great time in Lisbon. Strolling along the Tagus River was wonderful - I visited the Jeronimos monastery, tasted the traditional Pastéis de Belém (it was really worth queuing up for it!) and had a beautiful dinner in one of the seafood restaurants which you recommended. Then went to the magnificent St Jorge Castle and spent some time in downtown Lisbon, where I bought nice souvenirs. I'm really hoping to return.

Gary Chow, China

Thanks Absolutely Portugal for advising on logistics and dining recommendations during a recent meeting in Lisbon. We also enjoyed the soulful fado evening very much.

Denise B., England

Absolutely Portugal's advice and tips turned a four day city break to Lisbon into a weekend staying with locals - virtually of course. From day trips out of the city, to where to buy theatre tickets, we felt instantly at ease in this beautiful city. Whether you want a few days to soak up the atmosphere of an amazing metropolis, a natural break in the Algarve or just a tour around a lovely country, I'm sure Absolutely Portugal can help.

Ben B., England

We had decided we were going to visit Portugal this year and we didn’t know where to start when booking our holiday online. Absolutely Portugal created the ideal trip for us. The knowledge they had assisted us in all areas of our holiday including; transport from the airport, where to stay, places to visit and restaurants to eat. Absolutely Portugal recommended places to visit that tourists are not aware of, this meant quieter beaches and more of a view of how the Portuguese live and are entertained. This resulted in a holiday in Portugal that far exceeded our expectations and we will be using Absolutely Portugal for our next trip as there is still so much to see and do.

Cheryl Payne, England

Staying in Arrifana one appreciates the beach, sheltered by the cliffs, ideal for surfers, with a picturesque fishing harbour. Nearby on top of the cliff is Arrifana fortress from which one can see the Pedra da Agulha, a dramatic large rock sticking out of the sea. Arrifana is a good base to visit other local beautiful beaches, museums and ancient little villages and also to enjoy the rich fish menus in the traditional restaurants.

John Wyeth, England

I visited Portugal with a group of train enthusiasts. We were based at Oporto and Coimbra and our journeys took us to the Douro Valley, along the Atlantic coast and to the hilly interior of Portugal, all of which were unspoilt and not “tourist traps”. As enthusiasts we mainly travelled on traditional locomotive-hauled trains, but we also sampled the fast tilting trains which operate on the trunk routes. We enjoyed plenty of good food, wine and port, both on the trains and in restaurants, where the ambiance was always friendly. The architecture of the stations was impressive, with most of them having highly decorative tiling. Overall the atmosphere was relaxed, without the sometimes oppressive health, safety and security vigilance experienced in Britain. I would definitely recommend seeing Portugal by train for a holiday.

Peter Garratt, England

I went to Arrifana with my family. The beach was very relaxing and only a short walk from where we were staying. We also visited many other stunning beaches and great restaurants which were close by offering truly delicious seafood. I had a brilliant time thanks to Absolutely Portugal. They did their utmost to make our stay perfect, even supplying a mobile number for out-of-hours requests!

Olivia Acott, England

We had a fantastic holiday in Portugal and really enjoyed our stay in Lisbon. Many thanks for your itinerary which was fab - especially as we had only limited time. We enjoyed walking round the old quarters, the hotel was fine and very friendly. A swim on the first day was a great way to unwind but the highlight was the old cervejeria which Sam and Tom thought was 'awesome' - the best food they've ever tasted and they want to go back. We did wander round the old parts of the town the next day and sampled lots of pastéis de nata which were also a great hit!  We went to the aquarium in the afternoon which was spectacular and an opportunity to see penguins on the ice was a rare treat when it was 35 degrees outside!

Sue Best, England

We enjoyed Portugal so much. Lisbon was very exciting with the historic elevator and the nice castle. One day in Lisbon is definitely too short, so we are already thinking about coming back for a longer stay. And the panoramic sea view from the Arrifana cottage, rented by Absolutely Portugal, was really impressive, as well as the undoubtedly cool interiors! We enjoyed a lot the beach, the food and the tranquillity of the cottage and the surrounding area. And my first proper surf lesson was a real high! Thanks again for organising such a great trip.

C.H., Germany

I have totally felt in love with Portugal! The Portuguese are truly friendly, the gastronomy is fantastic, the weather is perfect, and there is such a rich culture, history and traditions. Through Absolutely Portugal my family lived memorable experiences visiting different areas of this beautiful country (we keep coming back!) – from the romantic Lisbon by night in a Fado house at candle light to the amazing fireworks celebration overlooking Oporto UNESCO river front and exploring the superb historical villages of Alentejo, you’re spoilt with choices!

Uri Dagul, Israel

Every year, at the end of the season, my rugby team goes on tour. Two years ago we went for four days to Portugal, Caldas da Rainha to be precise, and we had such a wonderful time there! Absolutely Portugal organised our stay and a great outdoor team-building exercise. We spent this busy and pleasant day with a team of skilled instructors doing all sorts of interesting activities – from canoeing, to archery and climbing, everything safely and with plenty of fun. Beyond that, Portugal is a beautiful country, full of history, the food is delicious and cheap and people are friendly. Only one minor thing to say though, as far as I'm concerned: the team we played against in Caldas was too fit and far too sober! Best rugby tour ever, no doubt!

Alessandro Belogi, Italy

Our romantic trip to Portugal could not have been more fascinating! I actually discovered my fairy tale place, Óbidos, and was so surprised and amazed by the beauty of its medieval walls, the picturesque narrow cobbled streets, the colourful ceramics and the variety of the handicraft shops. The restaurant which Absolutely Portugal also kindly booked for us was superb – very modern, yet we enjoyed an unforgettable gourmet experience of traditional Portuguese dishes in a glam dining spot. Another highlight was the wonderful wine tasting tour which left us longing for more of Portugal!

Sylvia I., Italy

I wanted to walk the streets of Lisbon with my children, make them appreciate the day-to-day life of the capital city, to enjoy the colours, the smells, the buildings, the history and the people... With a little help from Absolutely Portugal the family day trip in August was a success – from photo shooting to river cruising and people watching there wasn’t one boring moment! Top marks for mummy! Everything in Lisbon is fascinating!

Paula Oliveira, Portugal

On our visit to Lisbon we found our way round easily and saw most of its famous features, thanks to the advice and directions from Absolutely Portugal. Their local knowledge of the country and its culture made them the ideal advisers about our visit to Lisbon and Sintra.

Philip Lawson, Scotland

We had a very enjoyable week in Madeira even although there was rain on most days. There were some tropical-style downpours, but an hour or two later the sun was out hot again. However, because the cloud stayed low on the hillside we only had one day walking high up on one of the levadas. Nevertheless we like the island so much that we will go back for two weeks towards the end of January. Many thanks for showing us such a magnificent island.

Diana Neal, Scotland

Being a novice to Portugal, Absolutely Portugal has been an absolute gem. We were given clear directions to our destination which was one hour drive from Faro. We stopped by recommended sites not often visited by tourists and discovered beautiful, near empty beaches and quaint little villages along the Algarve coast. We arrived at our destination excited about our week’s stay ahead.

BH Koh, Singapore