Whale Watching

Bathed in the warm waters of the Gulf stream, the Azores archipelago represents the emerging peaks of a huge submarine mountain chain known as the 'Mid-Atlantic Ridge' that divides the entire length of the ocean from North to South, where the abundance of whales and dolphins and species diversity is simply extraordinary.

Enjoy the thrill of the high seas in Azores and observe whales and swim and play with dolphins in their natural habitat off the coast of these beautiful islands. Did you know that there are more than 24 species, ranging from the blue whale (yes, the biggest animal ever to live on our planet!), to sperm whales, beaked whales, dolphins, turtles and giant squid?

For all those seeking close encounters with whales, swimming with dolphins, scuba diving and fun snorkelling, the incredibly rich marine life will not disappoint. And you cannot miss the visit the whaling museum at Lajes (Pico), a relic of the island's seafaring past.

Absolutely Portugal will create a special programme for you to marvel at such magnificent spectacle of nature – the one expedition you’ll never forget!